We deliver fresh produce (fruits & vegetables) twice a week, every Monday and Friday with pre-orders only at no extra cost.
Pre-orders close two days in advance. For Friday delivery, send in your orders before 1:00 pm on Wednesday.
For Monday delivery, send in your orders before 1:00 pm on Saturday. This is to ensure zero wastage of food. We take pride in delivering only the freshest produce every single time.
Call us or send us a whatsapp on 9819519663 / 9321626848 to get on our broadcast list to receive notifications to place your orders.


“Food” is not merely to fulfil hunger and bodily growth. It has a connect to our human spirit.

It is estimated that 97% of our food is directly or indirectly produced on our soils. Chemical farming practices world over have been depleting the soils at an alarming rate.

The very food that is supposed to nourish us is becoming the root cause of making us unhealthy, weak & vulnerable. Traces of the harmful pesticides & chemical fertilisers can be traced up to a millionth particle in our body.

To name a few, Chlorpyrifos a common insecticide affects the nervous system. Fluoride affects the pineal gland, DDT is a carcinogen & also affects the reproductive system. An average Indian consumes about 40 deadly pesticides daily. The food grown in a damaged environment (air, water & soil) is bound to damage us. Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, PCOD, Arthritis and other lifestyle disorders are more evident than ever to prove it. In spite of the fact that our lifestyles are way advanced than those of our grandparents, are we better in health than them?
A rather large chunk of the urban society today seeks nutrition from capsules & powders, shakes & bars, when it’s all available from Mother Nature in much simpler forms for our bodies to assimilate.

It’s time we re-connect with nature, with our food. We identify farmers across the country, who work with nature to build and maintain soil health and fertility. At The Bombay Sparrow, we are dedicated to authenticity of produce. Every time you choose our produce, you support sustainability; of the planet, of the people.

Is it about time we get our basics right. Make the switch #AajSeOrganic…

About Us

As a child, I used to be amazed, well, I still am, on how the soil can just keep regenerating food for thousands of years. A single seed becomes a huge tree that again bears so many fruits for so many years. Two trees, right next to each other, never, just never mix up, lemons will bear lemons, kadipatta will bear kadipatta. Right next to each other. No confusion ever.

This was magic for me.

Through my corporate career, I experienced this sense of purposelessness. I often found myself asking this question, Is “THIS” what I want to do? IS THIS ME? Something inside me wouldn’t settle. I simply dropped my job with the Times Group at the age of 34 and decided to do what I would love to do.

I started an Organic store. I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about running a business. I started with my savings, lots of inquisitiveness & pure passion ke bas yahi karna hai.

From board room presentations straight to delivering milk at people’s doorstep every morning. From TAT’s to the unorganised agricultural sector; procuring and selling fruits, vegetables and groceries. It was quite a shift.

I have never once in the last 6 years felt worn out. It’s been the most exciting thing I’ve done ever. I faced all my fears. Financial instability was my biggest fear. I saw it so up close n personal, only to realise it’s NOTHING. There’s just no such thing.
To face your fears is an invigorating experience.

The horizon has only gotten bigger and better. This work brought such knowledge & insight. And there is so much more to learn. Money is such a myth. Career is such a cliché. We literally waste our time running behind a mirage.

I am glad to be blessed by a purpose that dawned itself upon me and did not allow me to settle where I did not belong.

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